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Member since: February 22, 2008
Last visit: May 10, 2008
Name: AnNaH bAnAnA/ Toms Official Wife =)
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Location: (Why should i tell you?!?!?!?!? Huh???)
Country: United States
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My lovely experience with a tornado =]

category: Anything | May 3 | @167 | comments comments(7)

Oh my god. My friends and I were at a park and they were riding Go-carts and i was drinnking my smoothie when i saw this HUGE thing of lightening across the whole sky. I was like "Crap". So the dudes said they could keep going, when all of a sudden the tornado siren went off. I was freaking (cause im scarrd of tornadoes). So my mom calls me and she is like "ANNAH YOU BETTER GET YOUR FRIENDS AND GET HOME CAUSE THERE IS A TORNADO RIGHT NEXT TO YOU" so i got them off and i was waiting for my dad to get us. It was POURING and the thunder and the wind was crazy. I was freaking. My friend Tayla was screaming And because it was kinda light, the clouds were all, like, omg....

Again. Sorry im not on a lot no more =] (I swear. I have done this journal entry 5 times)
category: Anything
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added on: 05/03 @143


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Kissy Face =o

Kissy Face =o

Published on: 03/31/2008

Cute =)

Cute =)

Published on: 03/31/2008



Published on: 03/31/2008

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05/18/08 @636
Helloo my dearest annah :p
still member me babe :p
been a while since we last spoke

Rachiie x
Hope ur okay btw babe x
05/17/08 @023
hey its ashley i made this new account cuzmy other one was too plainnn lol
05/17/08 @910
hallo annah
05/10/08 @981
if they did.. i want to go :(
05/10/08 @981
im good just uploaded a shit load of pictures :p now im tired x]
05/10/08 @980
*Does happy dance*

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  AnNaH bAnAnA/ Toms Official Wife =)
  United States

Doo Dee Dum Doo Doo

Heya my homies
Im Queen Tom #1 (yes its true;)) soooooo that's that:)
I love Tokio Hotel as you should seeee
*thinks* Oh
My retarded labtop is broken...sooooooo i might not be on that much. But when its fixed, im making a WHOLE new thing:p:p i hate this account The name is soooo plain:)
(Not because its "Tokio Hotel" of course. its because, i just want a new one) Yep:)

.enough. Said.

As you can see...I love Tom very very much <3333

This is for anyone who comes on Annah's page to read, it's here to make sure people know that Annah is one of my bestest friends!

Hey Annah! Well I feel that I owe you a big apology.. So here it goes. I just want to say that Iím sorry if I made you feel left out, it honestly was NOT my intentions. Youíre one of my best friends, and I hope youíll always know that. Recently Iíve felt that well, you were not really wanting to be friends with me, and I felt really bad, and I guess you were feeling the same thing, so we both kind of avoided the situation? Youíre always there for me, and Iím so thankful for that, honestly I am. Iíll always be here for you whenever you need me, forever and always. Iíve known you for soooo long! Back when you were nachotaco1 and I was like Nell4Taboo or something! Haha great times eh? Iím thankful Iíve known you for so long, you mean a lot to me! Youíre one of the best friends anyone could ever ask for, and Iím proud to call you miinee =]. You, me and Frosh are the three amigos, and lets keep it that way ay? Youíre seriously an amazing girl.. Thanks so much for just being you, and for being there for me. We have some of the most random conversations on earth, but still it makes our friendship all the more interesting! Ajslhdjhfliudhfladsdhbflgbn ad;jshfas ;jhiuhdf a;jfh;uldn ;adfbsufbdgfjdsg fsgdsgfudsbf ?? XD lmfao! And Annah Banana sheís my.. Best friend, mess with her and Iíll kick ur teeth, she gets all the guys and makes heath drool while sitting on a stool! XD lmfao, okay so that one was pretty retarded, but when I say heath Iím talking about Heath Ledger! Anyways, I just wanna say that you really mean a lot to me, and donít ever forget it, and from now on Iíll talk to you everyday! No matter if youíre on or offline, because you can always respond when you get online =]. Ily <33

*thanks Janelle*


 x-AshliBear-x-You rock Ashley:) You are the most funniest person ever! I love our awsome conversations about Tom/Bill/Alex.!. I also love the videos you make me! They are awsome <333 You are my myspace buddy and one of my best buddies in real life here:) You are someone i can talk too and actually gives a crap about how i feel:) You are someone that i think about times of the day. I will be sitting in science class and i'll be like 'i wonder what Ashley is doing right now?" and all that (and Frosh too of course). Aint i retarded? :p I hope you do the same. I love you like no other could. Just to tell you by the way, you are one of the people i love more than Tom. And thier are only 2 people like that:p I love you hunni! Hope we get to meet one day!

 Freiheit-89-Frosh Frosh Frosh:) I love you soo much its not funny (have you notices i always say that in the first line?:p) Anyways, I am soo glad that i met you. You are also someone who gives a crap about me here. If i never met you or if i never became best friends with you, my life would of been different. I would hardely be on here. And that would maybe mean i wouldnt be queen Tom and i wouldnt have any of my other wonderful friends:) Frosh..i love you more than Tom also. I love you WAY more than Tom, actually. I still cant believe we almost went to the same concert. if we did, of course we would meet:p we would see each other in line. Anyways (again:p), when the day comes that we meet for sure and for real, that will be one of the best days in my life, you know that? I have always been wanting to meet you. Cause you are awsome:p:p I love you hunni <333333

 Kadaj--Janelle:) I love you hunni! You are so funny and awsome <333 Queen Bill. You are also another person who listens to me. Whenever im feeling down you always give me a huge paragraph. And those huge paragraphs make me feel better inside. I love you <3 I also love are sometimes random conversations and our kjhfajkgjktrgbnslg convos. Only we know what we are saying. :)

 tomzpiLL- Oh hunni!! I love you soo much;) You are always there for me:) You are like my sister. We love Tom, which makes us more friends. I hope we never loose each other.!. I will always remeber you and i hope you will always remeber me. I love you soo much, and i am SO glad to have you as a best friend. Anyone that doesnt know you, is really leaving out a wonderful thing:) / AM / i / UMG
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